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>> Put your property in front of your target market quickly and effectively.

>> Substantially increase your chances of selling or letting your property.

>> Guaranteed revenue is in excess of UK bank base rates.

>> Benefit from increased capital appreciation as the portal becomes more established.

>> All portals are created and supported by a professional and established website Company.

>> Benefit from exclusivity - we only provide one portal per town.


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You license a tourism portal which provides a comprehensive resource for leisure and business travellers alike, listing local serviced and self catering accommodation, restaurants, attractions, events and more.

This tourism portal will then provide you with two revenue streams, as follows: -

- Booking enquiries for your accommodation derived from advertising your accommodation on the front page of the website.

- We then sell secondary advertising space to other accommodation providers, restaurants, attractions and transport companies and provide you with a guaranteed income. Your income is not dependent on us selling advertising space - we guarantee to provide you with an income in excess of the Bank of England base rates.



1) You let us know which area you're interested in.

2) Assuming a portal in your preferred area hasn't already been sold, we conduct market research to determine likely traffic / booking potential, income streams and competitor analysis, then prepare a customised proposal for you.

3) The proposal will include full details relating to costs, guaranteed returns and timescales for the creation of your portal.

4) Once the proposal is approved, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit to reserve your portal. We will then design and build your travel portal for you, providing all of the text and image based content used within the site.

5) We will then optimise your travel portal to achieve prominent positions on the search engines, ensuring that it will receive a high volume of targeted visitors.

6) You provide information relating to your properties, and we will advertise them on the front page of your portal. This is a suitable advertising medium for both properties for sale and properties for rent.

7) We will then sell the secondary advertising space on the site to create additional revenue streams from the portal.

8) You will receive a cheque each quarter providing the agreed guaranteed income. The guaranteed income is different from portal to portal (i.e. New York would receive greater income than Torquay), but we guarantee that it will be in excess of Bank of England Base Rates, and full financial details will be provided within our written proposal, prior to you signing any agreement.

9) There is no active involvement required from you, as we take care of all ongoing maintenance and marketing of the portal. However, if you are keen to become actively involved in local promotion of the portal, please let us know and we'll be happy to discuss the options with you.

10) For the agreed period of the license (usually 3 years), you will receive front page advertising for your properties and receive a cheque each quarter.

11) At the end of the license, you can either choose to sell the license (usually at a higher price than the initial purchase price), or you can renew it for a further period. Should you choose to sell the license, we are happy to assist with the sale.


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