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>> Put your property in front of your target market quickly and effectively.

>> Substantially increase your chances of selling or letting your property.

>> Guaranteed revenue is in excess of UK bank base rates.

>> Benefit from increased capital appreciation as the portal becomes more established.

>> All portals are created and supported by a professional and established website Company.

>> Benefit from exclusivity - we only provide one portal per town.


Hot Property - FAQ

How much does a portal cost?
The cost of a travel portal depends on the location of the portal. Our average price for a town / small city has been just over £7,000. A large city or capital generally costs in the region of £15,000.

How much money will I receive from a portal?
A simple answer is more than the UK bank interest rate guaranteed for 3 years, subsequent to that it is dependent on the advertising revenue derived from the site.

The level of guaranteed income also varies depending on the location of the portal and the length of time it has been up and running. Historically, we operate portals that are a few months old that are receiving a running rate over £500 per year, to portals over 4 years old that receive in excess of £20,000. Income is dependent on many factors, including location, web traffic, local conditions and local rates.

If you complete the form on the 'Apply Now' page detailing the area/s you are interested in, we will send an information pack to you detailing the exact income that you would receive from the portal.

Can I sell the site?
Yes - After 3 years the license can be sold at a capital gain. This can improve the value of property, as the marketing tools are all in place for the new buyer. Good bookings also improve resale value.

Do I need to do anything?
No. We undertake all the activities including sending you cheques! We design, build and populate the portals, providing the copyrighted content and photographs.

We then optimise the site for effective search engine placement, add automated advertising systems and market the site locally as soon as search engine positions have been achieved.

How do we make money?
We take a percentage of the sites revenue after 3 Years. We are motivated to generate a large income from which we both benefit!

Is my portal exclusive to an area?
Yes. We only develop one portal per town, each of which is sold on a 'first come, first served' basis. It is therefore important to reserve a town as soon as possible. We have over 50 towns sold or reserved already.

How quickly can I get a portal?
We plan a 40 to 50 day turnaround on each portal.

What would be my site's name?
The domain name would be chosen by us and may be bought in (included in the Portal price). We have several hundred reserved names, which may be appropriate.

How do I reserve a town portal?
Simply fill out the online form on the Apply Now page. We will contact you by email letting you know if the portal location is available.

If available, we will send you an information pack including the licensee paperwork to review. This will contain specific details relating to the guaranteed income, portal details, costs and timescales.